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Andrew Swenson
Non-Existent Customer Service

I ordered frames with prescription lenses for the first time from this business and their customer service is literally non-existent. Called and emailed to check on an order status, nothing. Get a shipment notice, they arrived quick. Frames had markings and scratches on them and seemed like used returned ones. Called and emailed, again nothing. Lenses seemed fine, but after a day of working at the office with them on, I got really bad eye pain, which leads me to believe they didn't add the blue light blocking to them that I paid for. Called and emailed for the third time, still nothing. This business seems sketchy, I'm afraid to send these back because who knows if they'll even respond or refund me, and then I'll be stuck with no glasses and robbed nearly $300. I definitely don't recommend ordering direct from this company, or even supporting this business by ordering from any other website that carries their frames. Customer service like this doesn't deserve people's heard earned money. This is unacceptable.

Virginia Sharkey
Very easy

I like the glasses though they slide a bit down my nose, but in general they work well. Very cool frames.

Jessica Berger
Stylish and sustainable

I enjoy my glasses from Eco Eyes. I picked Eco Eyes because I was looking for a sustainable alternative than buying my glasses from a traditional site. The glasses are stylish, arrived in a timely matter, and meet my prescription needs.