How Do Referrals Work?

How To Make A Referral

Just enter your email and name in the form above and you will be given a referral url.  Share the url with you friends.  Thats it.

When Do I Get My Store Credit

You will receive your store credit 30 days after any of your friends make a purchase of $60 more.  It will automatically be applied to your account

How Do My Friends Use Their Discount

They will click on the link you send them which will generate a unique discount code for them.  They would enter that during checkout and receive 15% off.

How Many Times Can I Refer A Friend

As many times as you want.  You will only receive the benefits of the referral program on the first purchase of each friend you refer.

Why Refer?

You Like Our Product

If you really like our products, fit, feel, price, or what they stand for be sure to refer a friend.  You get a store credit and your friend gets a discount.  It's that easy. 

You Like Our Service

It is hard to know when what companies provide great service service.  If you have used us before and think that our service is great recommend us to your friends.

You Like Free Money

This reason may be a little self serving but heck, since when has it been a crime to want to do something nice for yourself.  Refer a friend and receive a $15 store credit.

You Like Saving Your Friends Money

You seem like a generous person.  All you have to do to save your friends money is send them a refer from Eco Eyes.  They get 15% off their purchase and you receive $15. Thats what I call a win, win.