Sea Plastic Differently

Norton Point has pledged to remove on pound of plastic for every one pair of sunglasses sold.  They call it the One To One Pledge.


About Norton Point

Norton Point is an eyewear brand based on the island of Martha's Vineyard, MA. They believe that the 8 million metric tons of plastic flowing into our oceans is one of our planet's greatest environmental challenges and we have chosen to become part of the solution.

They have developed the first line of eyewear made from recovered high-density-polyethylene (HDPE) ocean plastics. HDPE is a consumer plastic used in millions of products around the world and is one of the most common plastics you will find today.

For every product we sell we are committing to you to clean-up one pound of plastic from the ocean. We have also chosen to give back 5% of net profits to global clean-up, education, and remediation practices.

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The Problem

Each year 8 Million Metric Tons of plastic enters the world's oceans, drastically altering the delicate balance for marine life. Over 80% of this ocean plastic originates from land based sources.

If nothing is done to combat the flow of ocean plastics into waterways and the sea by 2050 there will be more plastics in the ocean than fish. We can't let this happen!

Think we have time to sit this out? No way! Plastics take upwards of 400+ years to decompose and the current flow of plastic into the ocean will compound rapidly.

Why is this happening? Well 95% of Plastic ( bottles, containers, straws, etc. ) are used just once. Even crazier, the plastic we throw out every year is worth over $80 Billion. It's time we Sea Plastic Differently™.

The Process

Getting started was no easy task. Luckily the people at Norton Point had the right past work and life experiences to navigate the various obstacles and attract key partners like the Plastic Bank. Finding ocean plastic and securing high-quality manufacturers was complicated. But Norton Point was able to find partners who were willing to take a risk on their dream and help them figure out how to make sunglasses from recovered ocean plastic. 


Putting a dent in ocean plastic isn’t something that can be done alone. It’s a complicated global problem with many moving parts. That’s why Norton Point is excited to have exclusive eyewear partnerships with the Ocean Conservancy and the Plastic Bank who are passionately championing the fight against ocean plastics.

The Ocean Conservancy is the leading ocean non-profit focused on plastic pollution and marine debris. For more than 30 years they have been cleaning up our coastlines through the International Coastal Cleanup ( ICC ) and more recently the Trash Free Seas Alliance®.

The Plastic Bank is doing amazing work on the ground in Haiti. Through their network of collection facilities they are working to stem the flow of plastic into the ocean and provide a better life for local collectors. The Plastic Bank has created the concept of Social Plastic® to ensure that local collectors in Haiti are paid a living wage for the plastic they collect.

The Vision

Norton Point is excited to have a long-standing presence in Haiti but, when it comes to reducing ocean plastic Haiti is just the beginning. As Norton Point perfects the model with their partners, they are committed to expanding the reach of our mission across the globe. Close to 60% of the world's ocean plastics originates in five countries in Asia and Norton Point will be setting sail to continue our mission. Through their work and education and along with your support we all can have a real impact on giving back and stopping the flow of plastics into our oceans.